Ceramics & Insulators Industry

Risansi pumps are reliable and efficient for tough applications in Ceramics and insulators industry. This industry is known for manufacturing popular products which have very common use. Our specially designed pumps for ceramics industry not only help the manufacturers to achieve the efficiency in productions but also save costs. Our pumps for ceramics industry have excellent suction capacity, and require low maintenance with minimal maintenance cost.

Ceramics & Insulators industry demands flawless working of pumps when it comes to consistent flow. Risansi’ s customized pumps for paint industry not only ensure fulfilling the technical parameters but give a long life pump with easy maintenance.


  • Abrasive paste
  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Bentonite Slurry
  • Ceramic slip
  • Ceramic Slurry
  • Clay coatings
  • Clay slip
  • Clay sludge
  • Color paste
  • Filter press suspension
  • Fire clay
  • Glazings
  • Heavy clay
  • Porcelain
  • Slaked lime
  • Wastewater of ceramics industry